Practice With Our Blackjack Trainer

Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer - The Simple App That Helps You Learn Basic Strategy and Win at 21

By: Captivate Labs, Inc.
Published: 11/09/2013
Price: $2.99
Operating Systems: Android, iOS
Download the blackjack trainer app for iPad, iPod, and iPhone on iTunes Get the blackjack trainer app for Android on Google Play
Description: The Learn Pro Blackjack trainer app helps you learn basic strategy, perfect your game and get the tips you need to improve your odds. Get this blackjack simulator now!
App Features:
  • Blackjack Strategy Flashcards - Use flashcards to rehearse blackjack strategy and memorize the correct move to make on any hand.
  • Blackjack Trainer - Play a test game in the simulator to see how well you can apply basic strategy principles in a training environment.
  • Blackjack Tips - Learn the secrets you need to find the best tables, extend your bankroll, and earn more comps and freebies.
  • Blackjack Rules - Available in the game settings to ensure that all game regulations are easily accessible anytime, anywhere.